March 16, 2011

Do NC Home Sellers Have to Disclose Property Defects

Do North Carolina home sellers have to disclose property defects?

This question comes up a lot, both from sellers and buyers.  Sellers may know of a condition that may affect the sale of their house and fear that it will cause problems.  Buyers, especially those that have bought a house and then find a major issue, often feel that the seller has misrepresented the property to them.

So, do NC sellers have to disclose all that they know about the property?  The short answer is No, they do not.

March 15, 2011

The New NC Offer to Purchase: A Buyer's Perspective

Continuing my series on the new 2011 REALTOR NC offer to purchase contract, today, we're looking at it from the buyer's perspective.  For full details on the new contract, you can read my post on all the changes in this new form.  For an overview of the seller's perspective, you can my post on that one.

So, how does the changes affect buyers?  Well, if you've never bought anything before, it really doesn't, as you've nothing else to compare it.  But, if you've purchased something in the recent past, you may be a bit surprised at some of the changes.

March 02, 2011

Your House Didn't Sell. What do You do Now?

You hired an agent, got your house on the market and waited on the big day when a good offer comes in on your property and you can move on.  Except, that day never came and your listing expired.  What do you do now?

March 01, 2011

The New NC Offer to Purchase: A Seller Perspective

In my last post on the new North Carolina Offer to Purchase form, Big Changes to the NC Offer to Purchase Contract, we went over the biggest changes compared to the old contract.  Of course, if you've never bought or sold any property in NC before, then it's all new anyway.  But, if you have, then there is a lot of NEW in the new contract.

So how do all these changes affect a seller in a deal?

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