October 07, 2010

NC Attorney General Calls for Lenders to Suspend Foreclosures in North Carolina

NC Attorney General Calls for Lenders to Suspend Foreclosures in North Carolina.  Yes, Sir, NC AG Roy Cooper has already been investigating "questionable foreclosure tactics" in NC.  Now, with this whole mess going on with suspended foreclosures by most of the big banks (if you're not aware of this, Google "suspended foreclosures"), Cooper has called on 14 mortgage lenders to also suspend foreclosures in North Carolina until they can prove that there were no issues with the foreclosures done here.

North Carolina is a non-judicial foreclosure state.  Up to this point, all the moratoriums on foreclosures by the big lenders have been in judicial foreclosure states.  However, that may be changing pretty soon, as AG Cooper is not the only State Attorney General requesting that foreclosures in their states also stop until more investigating is done.  In fact, several congressmen have taken up the fight to ensure that foreclosures are being done legally and validly.

The fourteen lenders that North Carolina's AG is requesting to halt foreclosures in the state are:

Bank of America
Wells Fargo
JP Morgan-Chase
Citi Mortgage
SunTrust Mortgage
PHH Mortgage
OneWest Bank
PNC Mortgage
Aurora Bank
US Bank Home Mortgage
MetLife Home Loans
BB&T Mortgage
American Home Mortgage Servicing

UPDATED TO 15:  GMAC has also been requested to halt foreclosures by AG Cooper.


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