October 02, 2010

Low Ball Offers are a Part of Selling in Today's Market

If you're selling a home in today's market, then you know that it is taking longer to get your property sold.  Pricing your property correctly from the start is probably one of the most important factors in making sure that your home doesn't sit on the market longer than it should.

Even when you are priced correctly and marketed well, another factor in today's real estate market, even here in the Greater Hickory, NC area, is the low-ball offer.

Yes, even homes that are priced well, or even a little under market value, many times will get the low-ball offer thrown out at them.  When sellers get these type offers, especially if it happens to be the first offer, many get frustrated or discouraged in the selling process.  I'm here to tell you...don't.

Unfortunately, low-balls offers are a part of selling in today's market.  The news media has pushed into most buyers minds that everything up for sale can be had "at rock bottom prices," and that most sellers are "desperate" to sell for any price.  With some buyers, it may be nothing more than a ploy to see how far you'll actually be willing to come down from your initial price.

Do not get mad or discouraged at low-ball offers on your home.  In almost all cases, the best thing to do is discuss the offer with your real estate professional.  If the buyer is really a qualified buyer, then counter the offer with a reasonable price for you.  If the buyer is only 'out for the deal' then you've not lost anything.  The two of you would have never comes to terms anyway.

Most likely, it's a buyer 'testing' the price.  Once they see that you aren't the 'sell at any price' seller, they'll be much more willing to negotiate at the true market value of your home.

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