August 17, 2010

I'm Gay. Will You Be My REALTOR®?

Okay, so I get a phone call from a lady that has found some houses on the Internet that she'd like to take a look at and she was looking for an agent that could help in purchasing a home.

"Well, I'd be glad to help," I said, "what properties have you got picked out?"

Then she says that before we get to that, she's got some questions for me.  Sounds reasonable, right?  So, she begins by saying, "I've got a fiancee."  Okay, I said.  "and my fiancee is a woman."

Okay, I said.  So she continues with "is that going to be a problem for you?", I'm married, I really don't need another one, so she's pretty safe! :)  (yeah, she didn't think it was that funny, either)

She just wanted to be sure before she continued because two other REALTORS® had already hung up on her when they realized that she was gay.

REALLY?  Okay, I've got some questions for you, Ms. Buyer.  Do you have a job?  Have you, or can you get pre-approved for a loan?  Do you intend to buy?  Yes, Yes and Yes.  I don't have a problem, then.

Seriously, I was completely floored when she told me that two other agents had completely blew her off simply because of a sexual orientation.  Let's forget for a minute the possible legal ramifications from that for a moment.

Did these agents have so much business in this down market that turning away a willing, ready and able buyer made sense?  Does that make sense in any market for that matter?

Are there really still people out there in this day and age that are so homophobic that they really would not do business with a gay person?

Well, for me, all I need to know are a) do you want to buy a home and b) are you financial able to buy a home.  Beyond that, you could be a one-eyed purple people eating democrat wearing golf shorts and a tye-dyed T-shirt, with a pony-tail down to your ankles!  You're okay to me.


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